All students who live on campus and all students who are taking 8 credit hours or more are required to attend all chapel services. Each student is allowed 4 absences per semester from chapel. Students must scan their ID cards outside of the chapel doors immediately after being dismissed from chapel. If a student forgets to scan their card, they will receive an email from the chapel assistant asking if they were present or not. Each student gets 4 passes from not scanning when they were actually present, after those 4 passes, they must go to the chapel minister each week and let him know that they were present.

Students are considered exempt from chapel services if they have class at MSSU, work, or have an internship or something of a similar nature during chapel services. Students are not exempt from chapel if they live on campus or if they are taking 8 or more credit hours.

Questions? Contact [email protected] or 417.680.5609.