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Ozark Christian College offers seven meal plan options to be used in either of the two dining commons on campus. Fixed meal plans consist of 18, 12 or 7 meals per week; flex meal plans consist of 240, 170 or 110 meals per semester. A 50 flex meal plan is also available for commuter students only.

The flex plan option allows unused meals to carry over from week to week, allowing students to use as few or as many meals as they want per week each semester. The three fixed plans are a fixed number of meals per week, allowing meals to be spread evenly across the entire semester.

Unused meals in any plan will not carry over from one semester to the next, and remaining balances at the end of the semester will not be refunded. Students are able to request information about the number of meals they’ve used while scanning for meals at the dining hall.

Students may change their meal plan at any time within the first two weeks of the semester by completing the “Meal Plan Selection or Change Request” form available under the Student Life tab on the portal. (That form is only available during the first two weeks of the semester, and changes are not permitted after the two-week period.) Residential students who do not select a plan will be automatically enrolled in the 12 meals per week plan. The semester costs of the meal plans are as follows:

Fixed 7 - 7 meals per week        $ 1,085
Fixed 12 - 12 meals per week    $ 1,320
Fixed 18 - 18 meals per week    $ 1,550
Flex 110 - 110 meals per semester   $ 1,085
Flex 170 - 170 meals per semester   $ 1,320
Flex 240 - 240 meals per semester   $ 1,550

Flex 50 - 50 meals per semester       $ 490 (commuter only)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Student Life.