Please take some time to look through the following questions and answers. Most of these questions relate to those most frequently asked of Student Life. If your questions are still not answered please contact us.

How do I change residence halls or rooms?

If you need to make a housing change during a school break, contact Dawn Lahm, 417-626-1231, in Student Life. All other room reservations may be made through your Residence Directors (RD). Room changes may be made through the RDs during the first two weeks of classes. Following that time, a $50.00 fee, payable in advance in cash, is imposed for any room change.

How do I get a single room?

All first semester freshmen are assigned a roommate. Single rooms may be requested by second semester freshmen and above for an additional fee and are subject to availability. If during the semester you desire authorization to move out of your residence hall, inform your Residence Director and request the proper form from Student Life.

Can I live off-campus?

A student enrolled in eight (8) or more credit hours of classes is required to live in a residence hall. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by Student Life in the following instances.

  • When a student will be living with his/her immediate family which provides a guardian relationship
  • When a student has completed 90 credit hours (senior status).
  • When a student will be twenty-three (23) years of age or older prior to the upcoming semester
  • When a student has already lived in a residence hall seven semesters;

Before seeking off-campus housing (after being a dorm resident) you must inform your RDs and seek approval and documentation from Student Life.

All off-campus students are expected to adhere to OCC behavioral policies or they may forfeit the privilege of off-campus housing. Housing exceptions will not be granted to students on academic or disciplinary probation. Housing exceptions will not be granted solely for financial reasons.

A student enrolled in seven (7) credit hours or less must live off campus unless s/he is enrolled in the OCC/MSSC co-op program. Otherwise, in order to live in the residence halls, special approval from Student Life is required.

What if I have a car on campus?

All vehicles must be registered and must have parking permits. Failure to have a permit on your vehicle will result in a $25 fine. Parking permits are available at Student Life.

Where can I ride my bike and store it?

Bicycles may be used on roadways only. Bicycle racks are provided at various locations on campus for your use. Guidelines for storage of bikes at specific residence halls will be provided.

Can I have a refrigerator in my room?

You may have one small refrigerator per room in the residence halls. These refrigerators must not exceed the following specifications: Capacity: 4 cubic feet; Electric: 2 amps, 120 volt; a three pronged plug must be used; no extension cords or plug adapters may be used. All upkeep and maintenance of these refrigerators is the responsibility of the student.

What if my internet isn't working on campus?

You may file a request for help by emailing or contact the Information Technology department at 417-626-1226.

How do I make an appointment for counseling?

Appointments for counseling with an OCC counselor may be made by contacting the Richardson Health Center at 417-626-1213.

What if my job keeps me out past curfew?

If your employer requires you to work past curfew, advance permission must be obtained from Student Life. Work permit forms are available from your RDs or Student Life.

How do I get a new Student ID card?

Replacement ID cards are available through the Information Technology department (south wing of the Administration Building). There is a $25 fee for lost cards, which must first be paid through Student Financial Services (north wing of the Administration Building). Replacement of a broken card is free, but you must turn in the broken card to the Information Technology department.

Where can I make suggestions, concerns, or complaints regarding my OCC experience?

Students may submit a "Student Concerns Form" to the Dean of Students online in this web portal, or by picking up a form in Student Life. Students may also voice their concerns directly to the appropriate individuals either in writing or in person.

  • Schedule an ARC appointment
    OCC’s Academic Resource Commons, or ARC, exists to help all OCC students succeed academically by offering academic assistance, writing support, peer tutoring, writing assistance, resources and special needs accommodation.
  • Leave of Absence Application
    For students who meet certain criteria and need to take one semester away from Ozark for a variety of reasons, but intend to return after that one semester. You must be logged into your OCC email (OMAP) account to view the form.
  • Vehicle Registration
    All students who park a vehicle on campus at any time must have a parking permit. If you have a vehicle registered, you should be able to view that information here in the Student Life section. If the information is inaccurate or missing, please use this link to submit your information.
  • Missing Student Form
    Let OCC know who you want contacted if you happen to "go missing".
  • Student Employment Application
    For students applying for an on-campus job.
  • Employment Pass
    This form is to be used for residence hall entry after curfew due to employment hours.
  • Name Change Form
    Name changes are handled through the Registrar's Office.  Fill out this PDF form, available through the website, and submit it to the Registrar.
  • Meal Plan Selection or Change Request (Available only for a limited time at the beginning of the semester)
    This form can be used to add a meal plan or change a current meal plan within the first two weeks of the semester.
Ozark Christian College offers seven meal plan options to be used in either of the two dining commons on campus. Fixed meal plans consist of 18, 12 or 7 meals per week; flex meal plans consist of 240, 170 or 110 meals per semester. A 50 flex meal plan is also available for commuter students only.

The flex plan option allows unused meals to carry over from week to week, allowing students to use as few or as many meals as they want per week each semester. The three fixed plans are a fixed number of meals per week, allowing meals to be spread evenly across the entire semester.

Unused meals in any plan will not carry over from one semester to the next, and remaining balances at the end of the semester will not be refunded. Students are able to request information about the number of meals they’ve used while scanning for meals at the dining hall.

Students may change their meal plan at any time within the first two weeks of the semester by completing the “Meal Plan Selection or Change Request” form available under the Student Life tab on the portal. (That form is only available during the first two weeks of the semester, and changes are not permitted after the two-week period.) Residential students who do not select a plan will be automatically enrolled in the 12 meals per week plan. The semester costs of the meal plans are as follows:

Fixed 7 - 7 meals per week $1,140
Fixed 12 - 12 meals per week $1,390
Fixed 18 - 18 meals per week $1,630
Flex 110 - 110 meals per semester $1,140
Flex 170 - 170 meals per semester $1,390
Flex 240 - 240 meals per semester $1,630
Flex 50 - 50 meals per semester $515 (commuter only)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Student Life.